I want to let you know about 2 upcoming WSSSPE meetings:

We will hold WSSSPE1.1 at SciPy 2014 in Austin, TX, on Thursday, July 10.  This will be a somewhat specialized workshop, focusing on the SciPy community: “We are proud to announce that this year on Thursday afternoon of the conference, we will be hosting a Workshop on Sustainable Software for Science: Practices and Experiences (WSSSPE@SciPy).  This will be an opportunity to gather together people from across the SciPy community to collect and understand best practices in sustaining communities of scientific software.  Look for more information on theSciPy conference website, but keep your Thursday afternoon free!”

We will hold WSSSPE2 at SC14 in New Orleans, LA, on Sunday, November 16.  This will be a general WSSSPE workshop, following last year’s SC13 workshop.  We are planning to make this workshop quite a bit more interactive than last year.  More details will follow.