Progress in scientific research is dependent on the quality and accessibility of software at all levels and it is now critical to address many new challenges related to the development, deployment, and maintenance of reusable software. In addition, it is essential that scientists, researchers, and students are able to learn and adopt a new set of software-related skills and methodologies.

Established researchers are already acquiring some of these skills, and in particular a specialized class of software developers is emerging in academic environments who are an integral and embedded part of successful research teams.

WSSSPE provides a forum for discussion of the challenges, including both positions and experiences, and a forum for the community to assemble and act.


WSSSPE is an international community-driven organization that promotes sustainable research software by addressing challenges related to the full lifecycle of research software through shared learning and community action.


We envision a world where research software is accessible, robust, sustained, and recognized as a scholarly research product critical to the advancement of knowledge, learning, and discovery.

Focus areas

WSSSPE promotes sustainable research software by positively impacting:

  • Principles and Best Practices. Promoting best practices in sustainable software
  • Careers. Developing and supporting career paths in research software development and engineering
  • Learning. Engaging in activities to promote peer learning and interaction
  • Credit. Ensuring recognition of research software as an intellectual contribution equal to other research products


Sustainable software has the capacity to endure such that it will continue to be available in the future, on new platforms, meeting new needs.

The research software lifecycle includes:

  • acquiring and assembling resources (including funding and people) into teams and communities
  • developing software
  • using software
  • recognizing contributions to and of software
  • maintaining software


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