Travel Support


Funds are available to support participation in WSSSPE2 by 1) US-based students, early-career researchers, and members of underrepresented groups; and 2) participants who would not otherwise attend the SC14 conference. Priority will be given to those who have submitted papers and can make a compelling case for how their participation will strengthen the overall workshop and/or positively impact their future research or educational activities.

Submissions for travel support will be accepted from September 1st 3rd to September 15th 2014 following instructions posted on the workshop web site.

Financial support to enable this has been generously provided by 1) the National Science Foundation and 2) the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Instructions for applying:

The goals of the NSF and Moore Foundation travel funds are to

  1. Encourage a diverse set of participants, with priority to US-based early stage researchers (e.g. students, postdoctoral researchers, early stage faculty)
  2. Support the attendance of those interested in sustainable scientific software who would not otherwise attend SC14

To apply, please email a PDF document of no more than 2 pages to Gabrielle Allen <> (with “WSSSPE” in the subject line) that includes

  • Your name, place of study/work, and position
  • The potential of your attendance to contribute towards your own research and educational goals. If you are a student please describe the degree you are pursuing.
  • Your potential contribution to the workshop, including your authorship of an accepted paper, or intent to contribute in person based on your knowledge and experience
  • A description of how your attendance will contribute towards meeting the above goals 1, 2, or both

Initial decisions on travel funds will be made shortly after the September 15th 2014 deadline.  Decisions will be made by the WSSSPE2 Organizing Committee based on the ability of the submitted applications to meet the specified goals. If funds remain, applications submitted after the deadline will be also considered.  (This page will be updated once the travel funds have been fully allocated, so that effort is not spent on applications that cannot be funded.)


For those provided travel funds, actual expenses up to a maximum of $1,000 (including travel, hotel accommodation, and registration) will be covered.  Detailed instructions will be provided to those awarded funds.

Funded Participants:

    (in progress)

  • Alice Allen, Astrophysics Source Code Library (ASCL)
  • Carl Boettiger, University of California-Santa Cruz
  • Ted Habermann, HDF Group
  • Marcus D. Hanwell, Kitware
  • Sarah Harris, University of Leeds
  • Ian Kelley, University of Washington
  • Richard Littauer, Saarlund University
  • Andre Luckow, Rutgers University
  • Berkin Malkoc, Istanbul Technical University
  • Kyle Marcus, University at Buffalo
  • Bryan Marker, University of Texas at Austin
  • Suresh Marru, Indiana University
  • Stephen Piccolo, Brigham Young University
  • Erin Robinson, Foundation for Earth Science
  • Mario Souza, University of Manchester
  • James Spencer, Michigan State University
  • Greg Wilson, Software Carpentry